Tacoma And Seattle Construction Law Attorneys

With so many new construction projects in and around Tacoma, Seattle and nearby areas in Washington, our firm has seen an influx in clients concerned about construction contracts. We offer experienced representation in construction law matters, including both public and private projects. We handle every aspect of this area of law, including contracts, transactions and litigation. We also handle the unique area of state and federal construction law. Many clients come to us with issues regarding:

  • Mechanic's liens
  • Stop notices
  • Payment bonds/performance bonds
  • Contractor licenses/contractor bonds
  • Surety claims and coverage
  • Delay and acceleration claims
  • Scope of work
  • Latent conditions
  • Cardinal change
  • Federal acquisition regulations (FAR)
  • Design professional liens
  • Construction defect
  • Change orders
  • Bid proposals, agreements and protests
  • Project defaults
  • Abandonment/termination

Our experienced attorneys will counsel you and your team through the entire process. We understand businesses. Let us focus on the legal matters, so you can focus on the work.

Our Construction Law Practice

Our firm's construction law practice offers a comprehensive range of services to property owners, developers, general contractors, construction managers, subcontractors of all trades, architects, engineers and other design professionals, material suppliers, and surety companies. We represent our clients through all stages of a construction project, from planning and bidding, to construction litigation and dispute resolution.

Our lawyers handle construction issues with an emphasis on cost-effectiveness and with the client's operational needs in mind, regardless of the nature of the claim. Involving Swigart Law Offices, P.S., early in the negotiation and contract-drafting stage will help you mitigate the risk of litigation and disputes arising before, during or after the project is completed. Similarly, by giving advice during construction, we minimize post-project litigation and maximize the prospect of success if litigation is unavoidable.

In cases where litigation or arbitration is unavoidable, our attorneys will listen to your concerns, evaluate your position – both advantages and risks – and develop clear options and probable outcomes for you. Should your dispute go to trial, you can be absolutely certain that we will aggressively litigate on your behalf.

Secure Your Revenue

Construction projects involve significant expenses, and if disputes arise, the financial implications can be catastrophic. Our firm is skilled at resolving construction issues quickly and efficiently — minimizing the costs and protecting your interests. Contact an experienced litigation attorney whose preparation and background will ensure that even if your case goes to trial, your best interests are at the forefront by calling 253-205-0187, Ext. 0.