State And Federal Construction Law

If you are involved in a construction project with the government, there are a number of additional rules and regulations involved in the process. Our firm has lawyers with experience in state and federal construction law and can help you navigate the legal complexities of these projects.

Based in Auburn, we assist construction companies involved in public works and other government construction projects throughout the state of Washington, including Tacoma, Seattle, and Pierce and King counties.

Securing The Project

The attorneys at our firm will guide you through the bidding process for construction related to municipal, regional, state and federal level projects. We will also help you negotiate your contracts, including consultation with a legislative committee tasked with analyzing existing and proposed regulations. We understand the impact these rules have on contractors, subcontractors, owners and unions, and can assist you with these regulations.

Finishing Your Contract

Once you have secured the necessary paperwork to begin your government-contracted construction project, there are always additional transactions which need to be handled, as with any typical construction project.

For example, it can be difficult at times to secure the funding for your government project because of unique administration constrictions involved in this type of contract. These financial flow issues can change the scope of work or even require litigation or appeals to secure your financing.

Get The Job Done

Trust your government-contracted construction project to a law firm that can handle your case from start to finish, no matter what issues may arise. Whether your project proceeds as expected or you need representation in court to get what you are owed, our attorneys are experienced litigators and negotiators who can secure your business interests. Contact our firm online, or by calling 253-205-0187, Ext. 0.