Tacoma And Seattle Wills Attorneys

In Washington, the threshold for probating estates is quite low. Any estate totaling $100,000 or more will often need to be probated in order to transfer title to real property and other assets. Every day, more and more families find themselves trying to determine how best to handle the logistics of this process in their estate plans. Our lawyers are experienced at handling difficult and complex estate planning situations and can help you and your family construct a plan to achieve your goals.

Create A Plan For Your Family

When you come to our offices, you will be offered insightful and sound advice regarding which wills and trusts are the best options for you. We exercise discretion and sensitivity to your situation and can help you construct an estate plan that is mindful of your individual family needs. Our attorneys help families with:

  • Special needs children, and grandchildren
  • Family members with addiction problems
  • Family members with money management issues
  • Preserving governmental benefit eligibility
  • Complicated transfer of real estate holdings
  • Business interests and ownership transfers

Even if you do not have complex holdings, your family situation and estate planning goals may warrant a customized will, which often includes one or more trusts. Also, we typically prepare a health care directive and powers of attorney that accompany your will or trust.

Complex Wills And Trusts

Business owners, executives and professionals often require an experienced estate planning attorney to help them draft documents which incorporate marital trusts, exemption equivalent trusts, or wills with other trusts based on the assets of their estate and dynamics of their family. Clients with blended families, or who have beneficiaries with special needs or money management issues may need to incorporate disclaimer trusts, discretionary trusts or special needs trusts into their wills.

For decades, we have helped families in Tacoma, Seattle and nearby areas construct the most effective estate plans possible. If you are considering the needs of your family and would like to discuss your legal options, contact our firm online or call us at 253-205-0187, Ext. 0, to schedule an appointment.