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What business structure is right for you?

Starting your own business is an exciting but challenging time. As you focus on the business plan, securing funds and protecting your intellectual property, there is so much information to consider, so much to be done before you’ll see a return on investment.

The foundation of your business is essential to its success, and that includes how you structure ownership. Your business entity structure affects how you make decisions, how you interact with other owners or shareholders and how you will pay taxes and report to state and federal governments.

Adequate business records can make planning easier

You have decided to start your own business. You have a great idea and a business plan. You’ve looked at property and thought of marketing solutions. This has been your dream and now you are ready to make it a reality.

As you take on this new venture, you will want to make sure that you keep adequate business records. These records catalog information for your business regarding agreements, company decisions and policies, discussions, purchases and costs.

Commercial leases: Not a one-size-fits-all deal

When you agree to lease a commercial property for your business, you will be shown a form and told to sign it. You may be told this is the standard form all lessees use. There may be a suggestion that you fill out the form as is, and that is your sole option.

Don’t believe it. Off-the-shelf forms are a convenience for the lessor, but there is no rule or law compelling you to use it.

Summer isn't a time for an estate planning vacation

Ready or not, 2017 is halfway complete. Is the yearly honey-do list halfway done too? While there are many things we do once per year to maintain our finances, there could be a few missing from the list. For couples with an estate plan, now may be the time to review it. Why is this step necessary?

With the rise in the economy, the Washington State Legislature continuing its special sessions and the Trump administration promising amendments to the federal tax code and health care system, big changes could be coming soon.

Estate planning for small business owners: 3 questions to ask yourself

As a small business owner, multiple factors affect your estate planning. A lot depends, of course, on whether you want to leave an interest in the business to your children or sell it instead.

In this post, we'd like to help you get started thinking about the issues by raising a few key questions.

Considering non-compete agreements for your business?

As a business owner, you know your success lies in the hands of your employees. A good staff will help your business grow and thrive. An untrustworthy one can put your business at serious risk.

These effects are magnified when an employee leaves. Will clients follow your employee instead of staying with your business? Will a disloyal former employee try to use your company's client list or trade secrets to their own benefit?

Non-compete agreements are a good way to stem the risk associated with a departing employee. Washington law, however, places limits on when businesses can use them. Here are a few things you need to know.

Washington's new LLC Act: 4 things to know

The Washington LLC Act of 2016 became effective on Jan. 1, 2016, changing important aspects of how LLCs operate. This Act applies not just to new LLCs, but to LLCs that were formed before 2016 as well. Members or managers of an LLC should be sure to review all changes in the Act and revise their operating agreement accordingly, but these are some of the biggest changes to know.

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